Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality is a zdoom mod created by Darsycho. Released in 2012, and the latest version (1.7) being released on July 28th, 2018. The mod features 5 episodes (and 2 bonus episodes) with varying bizarre themes.

All of the music is composed by Andrew Sega (which are not created specifically for Beyond Reality.)

Map Name Song Name
Title Screen & Intermission Escape
MAP01: Emerald Playground Escape
MAP02: Xoxoctic Lab Escape
MAP03: Plasma Factory Escape
MAP04: Cratepolis Mechanism Eight
MAP05: Box Factory Stint
MAP06: Crate Island Research Base
MAP07: Frozen Nonsense Particle Control
MAP08: Elpmet Retaw Temple of the Ethereal
MAP09: A place of some sort Arcadia
MAP10: Knee-Deep In The Shores of Inferno Eden
MAP11: This Is A Map Takeover
MAP12: Tower of Dis Gateway
MAP13: Inanimate Corridors Point of Departure
MAP14: Tower Top River Boat
MAP15: Forgotten Castle Shadow Caster
MAP00: Skyward Club Metroplex
MAP31: What? Interference
MAP16: Gravity Labs Unknown name
MAP17: The Duplex Science Station
MAP18: Lofty Castle Castle of the Mists
MAP19: Insert map name here motion blur
MAP20: Technofrenzy wired96 report


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