Deliverance 2600

Deliverance 2600 is a Doom total conversion developed by MFG38. The project was started in late March of 2015, when MFG38 was messing around with Doom Builder. Deliverance 2600 was originally intended to be a Metroidvania-inspired mod using Doom's stock assets, but the idea quickly changed into making a total conversion. The mod was finished in April of 2017.

Deliverance 2600 consists of a single map with highly interconnected areas and non-linear progression. The player can progress further by finding four differerent keycards around the map and defeating the four bosses that also give the player additional weapons. In addition, scattered around the map are micro missiles and powerups (the latter usually hidden in secret areas), which are respectively used by using the alt-fire of any weapon and pressing the "Use Item" button. Defeating the fourth boss triggers the ending sequence.

The latest build of Deliverance 2600 is v1.22, released on January 23rd, 2018.

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Plasma Cannon - This is the default weapon the player starts with. It shoots blue plasma balls that deal 5-20 damage.

Laser - Given to the player after he defeats the Great Immortal. The Laser fires fast projectiles in a laser-like manner, although it's practically closer to a machine gun than an actual laser.

Thunderball - Given to the player after he defeats the Massacrist. This weapon shoots balls of thunder that deal area-of-effect damage. Caution is advised, however, as the projectiles can also hurt the player himself.

Triple Shot - Given to the player after he defeats the Gatherer. It fires three projectiles spread across an angle; one straight ahead, one slightly to the left and one slightly to the right.


Sentry - The most common enemy type encountered throughout the mod. The sentries have fairly little health and are slow movers, but they make up for it ever so slightly with their attack. They fire three projectiles in a quick burst.

Assassin - Silent? Not so much. Deadly? Only if they get too close. The assassins move pretty swiftly, though, so taking them out may prove a little more difficult than with the other members of the cast.

Bombshell - These guys have no health to speak of, but what they lack in health, they make up for in lethality. If the player gets too close, these buggers will trigger their self-destruct sequence, dealing up to 40 damage when they explode.

Beetle - The beetles are heavily armored projectile-shooters that expose their eye when they prepare to fire. And shooting them in the eye is the only means of taking them out. As if that weren't enough, their projectiles also deal a lot of damage.

Ghoul - Flying skulls that shoot homing projectiles. 'Nuff said.

Surgeon - These slightly phallic entities have a fair bit of health and shoot fast projectiles that deal moderate damage.

Wizard - The wizards are lizard-like killing machines with electric cannons for arms. They shoot purple energy balls that deal a lot of damage. If they get close enough to the player, they can also electrocute him.

Berserker - One shouldn't let their guard down when coming across these monstrosities. The berserkers may be slow movers, but they compensate for it in both health and lethality. Their double punches can deal anywhere between 40 and 50 damage.

Difficulty levels

Wimp - Enemies deal 50% damage and are less aggressive.

Hardened - Enemies deal normal damage and are moderately aggressive.

Veteran - Enemies deal 150% damage and are moderately aggressive.

Total Badass - Enemies deal 200% damage and are extremely aggressive.

D2600 God - Enemies deal 250% damage and are extremely aggressive. Health pickups and powerups will also not spawn on the map. (Introduced in v1.1.)

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